Friday, August 15, 2008

If you are searching for that perfect restaurant
perhaps you should take the advice of the
McKenzie's. Cory and Wendy McKenzie stayed
with us and dined at Lily's on Main 3 nights in a
row. Wendy said she loves the atmosphere and the art deco while Cory added that they eat at
Lily's each time they stay with us. Cory said the
pork and scallops and bacon in a huckleberry
sauce was phenomenal, I know, I'm hungry just
writing it. In fact they dined at Lily's twice in one night. So if you desire some tasty delights, McKenzie's' suggest Lily's. I think I might eat there this weekend.

Now if you are in the mood for something a little more dangerous on your next vacation perhaps you should attempt an adventure like the one the Furhmans found. This couple witnessed Lancaster county in a way few people do. While staying with us at the Amethyst Inn they soared over the picturesque farm land in a hot air balloon. It may sound a bit terrifying but Amy said that Lucas, who was their pilot, was able to melt all of her apprehensiveness away and she said the balloon ride was "AWESOME!" In fact Lucas' wife grew up right across the street from the Inns, small town. Amy suggested riding the balloon at sunrise for the most beautiful view of PA dutch country. So don't tell me nothing exciting happens in little ol' Lancaster county. How about a hot air balloon ride.

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