Friday, November 14, 2008

The DC Duo

I can't believe it is November already and soon Thanksgiving day will be upon us. It has been a busy time for us here at the Inns and long over due since I've posted some pictures and stories about the wonderful guests we have had in the past few months.
Two young ladies from the D.C. area have joined us here at the Inns on an annual basis for about the past 8 years. Holly and Annette have made it their habit to visit PA dutch country at the end of September to experience all the various markets, fairs, and antique extravaganzas. This past September they continued with their traditions and visited Green Dragon on Friday, where Annette always gets a sausage sandwich, while on Saturday they headed to Kutztown for some antiquing and pillow cases. They also picked up a pumpkin with some sugar warts all over it, which I had never seen before. At first glance I thought they got ripped off and purchased a decomposing pumpkin but they assured me that all was well with their pumpkin. Also on Saturday they ate at Lilies on Main, a local hot spot in Ephrata and walked around the Ephrata Fair.
I'm tired merely writing about all they experienced, but they continued their adventures on Sunday with a trip to Shupp's Grove to do some more antiquing. Then Monday came and it was time for them to depart back to Washington D.C. Unfortunately for us we only get to see them in September, but they are never forgotten throughout the year. Thanks for a wonderful experience Holly and Annette.
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