Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas


MERRY CHRISTMAS! This year has passed so quickly…..

2008 has been once again a year of construction. We became aware last fall of the need to have an ADA compliant (handicap accessible) guest room…. so this spring we began renovations AGAIN. The parking lot had to re-graded which necessitated the removal of the 11,000 pavers we installed 14 years ago. Since we are so very frugal, we took this opportunity to reuse the pavers by adding patios, pathways etc to our house and the cottages and we still have probably 5000 pavers left. This time we rented a bobcat to at least transport the pavers around the different properties. We then spent the spring adding an additional ADA bathroom, removing barriers, adding a ramp, etc. for the Amethyst Inn’s Ruby Suite.

We are really enjoying the cabin we purchased last winter at the Woods Golf Resort near Berkeley Springs West Virginia. Tom loves being able to exit his back door and begin play on the 3rd hole. The cabin is only 2 ½ hours from home which makes it very convenient for short getaways. When not West Virginia bound, we still enjoy the cabin on the Susquehanna River. It also has a golf course 3 miles away with a GPS system in the golf carts…..what a hard life! I love to relax in the hammock, read a magazine and watch the stream. Of course we always have some type of maintenance issue to address while we are there but…

Our families are doing well. We took the opportunity to visit my niece in Chicago in November. We had a great time visiting the museums, Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio, and the Sears Tower and, of course, eating at great restaurants…but it was very, very COLD. This summer we also spent a couple of days visiting my sister’s family during their vacation to Lake Anna, Virginia. It was truly an interesting vacation with 5 little boys under 8 years old.

You may ask what our plans are for next year. NOTHING. Of course, the routine maintenance on seven homes will still keep us busy. Tom’s goal - to play more golf!!!! He bought a set of used Ping golf clubs on EBay and feels he needs to play more to get his money’s worth.

Cecil, our Old English Sheepdog, is 3 years old - 93lbs. He is very popular with the guests and all of the townspeople. One guest recently brought Cecil a musical stuffed reindeer which he lovingly carries to you, starts the music, drops the toy until it stops and then picks it up and delivers it to the next person…... Yes, he is so very spoiled.

Guess that is all our news. We hope this finds you well and enjoying a wonderful Christmas season. Have a terrific 2009, and if you are ever in the area PLEASE stop and visit.
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