Friday, September 26, 2008


We had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the company of two lovely ladies from Germany. As they traversed the East Coast, from Boston, to Cape Cod, then to New York, the two German natives ended their vacation in the United States at the Inns with us. The Inns served more as a hub for them then anything else because they continued their sight seeing while lodging with us. The two friends talked with Kristin about their trip into Lancaster, which they said they were not thrilled with the city, because they absolutely loved the countryside.
They choose to view the beautiful landscape of Lancaster County by way of the driving tour which took them from the Ephrata Cloisters, to Manheim's covered bridges and finally into the city of Litiz. They also spent some time at Sturgis Pretzels as well as the Chocolate Factory and said they were taking back to Germany a bunch of delicious PA Dutch chocolate.
They also journeyed to Atlantic City to try their luck at the many casinos before their departure for home, unfortunately neither of them hit it big. So we bid our freunden auf Deutchland auf wiedersehn.