Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day

It is the middle of February and we are booked full. The explanation for this can only be one thing, Valentines Day. Yes, the "holiday" is finally here and since we are packed this weekend we have some special treats for our guests. Generally we give a remembrance gift out to those who lodge with us to simply say thank you for choosing Adamstown Inns, but for Valentines Day we enjoy going the extra mile. As the guests arrive they will see roses scattered throughout the Inns. Upon entering their room the guests will view an array of delights. Resting atop the bed will sit some bubbly to set the mood, along with some chocolate covered strawberries and Belgium chocolates. As well as petite Red Velvet cake, and a Valentines day journal.
It will be a busy weekend for us at the Inns, but we thrive upon these types of weekends. Another opportunity to meet many new people, become acquainted with new friends, or reminisce with some old ones on their romantic weekend vacation. Thanks to everyone who chose to stay with us on their special getaway for Valentines.
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