Friday, April 3, 2009

Flowers everywhere

Spring has sprung! 
And so the process begins. Wanda and Kristin attend the local
flower auction, in order to buy flats upon flats of flowers to adorn the grounds surrounding the Amethyst Inn, the cottages, and the Adamstown Inn. Every place you can think of we will put flowers. From the beds around the property, to the numerous hanging baskets, in an old tub we converted into a flower bed, all over the porches, you name it we plant a flower there. Although it does take quite a bit of work to do all the planting throughout the year, we really enjoy the feel of spring the varying types of flowers provide, and the beauty they add to our grounds. I will have to show you some pictures of the finished product once they are all planted, but there are many more flats of flowers yet to come.
By: Ted
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