Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Nestled in Southern Lancaster County on a dairy farm, not far from the Inns, you will find some of the finest Handcrafted Farmstead Cheese. In Honeybrook, PA on the September Farm, the Rotelle family produces a variety of all natural cheeses. The Rotelle family is a fourth generation family in the food industry. Their farm produces some of the most delicious cheese you could ever hope to taste. The numerous types of cheese should attract any cheese lover. If you enjoy cheddar they have smoked, mild, medium sharp, extra sharp, and many more. Who knew you could have that many different kinds of cheddar cheese. They also provide some flavors that you may not find elsewhere, such as; Jumpin Jack Jalapeno, Honey Jack, Pepperoni Augusto Jack, Chives and Dill Jack... and the list goes on. I personally have sampled the Joy's Tomato Basil Jack as well as the Garlic Basil Jack and enjoyed them both.
Not only could you gorge yourself on cheese but at September Farms you have the opportunity to watch the whole cheese making process. Tom and Wanda actually visited the farm this past weekend and although they were a little late to watch the production of the cheese they did have the chance to wander about on the farm. So if you are looking for something to do that will be a lasting memory of Lancaster County, or in the mood for some good cheese I would definitely recommend September Farm when you visit with us at the Adamstown Inns & Cottages.

By: Ted

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