Friday, May 29, 2009

More Bricks than we know what to do with

Last year we removed all the bricks from our parking lot in order to prepare renovations to our new bathroom we added to the Ruby suite. So for the past year we have put our minds to work brainstorming what we can do with all the bricks we extracted from the Amethyst Inn parking lot. Well, after not a whole lot of deliberation we began the process of creating wandering pathways throughout the properties.
A path leading to the Dragonfly Cottage and Firefly Cottage, one for Tom and Wanda's home, a path connecting Adamstown Vacation Home's yard to the cottages, and our newest pathway behind Amethyst Inn. That's a lot of bricks, you may say. Well there is plenty more where they came from and plans to add more brick walkways. So on the days that I'm not , planting, transplanting, or planting I will be digging paths and laying bricks.
As I mentioned, the newest pathway behind Amethyst Inn also provided us with the opportunity to place another bed in Amethyst's back yard. This gave Wanda the chance to buy various trees, shrubs, and flowers to place in the newest of our many gardens. Adding the brick walks to the grounds usually avails itself to creating new beds to be planted with the many flowers Wanda and Kristin love to buy at the flower auction in Terre Hill-Weaverland Auction. All the hard work pays off when you can enjoy the beauty of all the flowering plants and the warm summer breeze.

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