Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What every father needs

Dad has worked hard this past year and what better way to say thanks than sending him out on the golf course. Why not reward dad with a quiet, peaceful, relaxing 18 holes of golf. What could be more fun than endeavoring to hit a tiny little ball onto a narrow path, only to seek to put it into a little cup that I can barely fit my hand in. The funny thing is I actually enjoy golfing and it only takes one great drive, or a perfect chip, or that rare birdie (....well that rare par for me) to keep me going back for more.

If dad enjoys the game as well than perhaps a round at Manor Golf Course will be a nice treat for him this Father's Day. This Sunday, all dads will receive a free hotdog and a small bucket of balls to warm up. If the round does not go as well as it "usually" does at least he can fill up on a good doggie and practice his long game.
Perhaps this Sunday will not suit your plans than have a look at Manor Golf Clubs "Family 9-n Dine" special will provide the entire family with some excitement playing the wonderful game of golf. The cost is only $8.50 per person, along with a hot dog and soda. So if you already have your special Father's Day event organized, you may want to consider participating in a family golf game. If you are in need of some helpful pointers about the course at Manor Golf Club, Tom would be more than happy to talk golf with you. He is a regular at Manor, as well as many other courses in the area, so just call or message me for the inside scoop on the course.
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