Friday, August 7, 2009

Mt. Gretna Art Show

So much to do, yet so little summer left to do it all. It seems like everyone wants to get as much in as they can before all the kids go back to school. One of those annual events that you do not want to miss before the summer ends is the outdoor art show in Mt. Gretna on August 15 and 16. Last year Tom and Wanda attended the outdoor art show and enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere in lovely Mt. Gretna as well as the fantastic presentations by the artists. The art show hosts about 285 different artists and welcomes into their community some 20,000 visitors. The Mt. Gretna outdoor art show has captivated art lovers for 33 years. From its genesis of local resident artists simply desiring to display their work to its current form of hundreds of artists showing off their pieces to thousands of art enthusiasts. Mt. Gretna also offers an array of various other activities such as canoing, kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking, the Gretna theatre, and lots of great food and ice cream. So if you are thinking of squeezing one more thing into your busy schedule before school perhaps you would like a relaxing stay at the Adamstown Inns and Cottages and to browse the Mt. Gretna outdoor Art show.
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