Friday, August 28, 2009

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Just when you thought there was nothing left to do in Lancaster County the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire comes to town. The PA Renaissance Faire offers a
smorgasbord of activities to participate in, events to watch, and of course food and beverages of all kinds. Located in nearby Manheim, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire runs through August 8th until October 25th, so there remains an ample amount of time for you to attend this PA favorite. Visiting the PA ren faire will allow you to view the beautiful Mt. Hope Estate and Winery which also boasts of an interactive theatre which mixes comedies, dramas, music, food and drink. The faire also has many themed weekends such as the Queens Tea in September and October, as well as Rouges and Sirens Unbound (which is a rowdy play), Oktober feast, and much much more.
However, the number one reason to attend the Penn- sylvania Renaissance Faire this year is, of course, the food and beverages. How do giant Smoked turkey legges sound? Or 2 patty burgers with or without cheese and fries, fried brownies, fried apple crescents, vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, and this is just one place where you can get food. The menu of choices at the faire is almost endless. They also have a number of different Beers and Ales on tap. From Swashbucklers Gold which is a German Kolsch, to an English Amber Ale known as the Red Sea Amber, or you could try Sharkbait Saison a Belgium Spiced Beer. This is only a few of the many choices on tap, not to mention the various wines that the Mt. Hope Winery offers.
Thankfully, after a day in the Middle Ages you can relax in comfort back at the Adamstown Inns and Cottages in one of our rooms' jacuzzi tubs, massage chair, or simply sit out on the porch. I've only been to the PA ren faire once and believe me, with all the things to do it will be nice to sit down and take a load off.
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