Friday, October 9, 2009

Cherry-Crest Farm

One great way to enjoy the fall season and amazing colors in Lancaster County is to visit some of the local farms. One local farm even allows folks to venture out into the corn field on their property. Cherry-Crest Farm in Ronks, only about 30 minutes from the Adamstown Inns and Cottages, creates an Amazing Maize Maze in which they cut out various paths in their corn field to create one giant maze. You would be surprised at the difficulty of this maze once you are out in the corn and wandering about. I have visited this maze a number of times and it is usually in the dark, which adds to the challenge of finding your way through the corn. If you chose to go this route then you want to make sure you take a flash light along. Whether in the light of day or by the torch of your flash light in the darkness of night it is a lot of fun, and to end the evening the right way you certainly should sample some of their goodies and wash it all down with a cup of hot chocolate. The farm will also begin its Harvest Festival on September 26th. This festival offers 36 different farm activities, from the round-up festival, to face painting, pumpkin painting, and lots more. It is astounding on how many things there are to do in this area when one begins looking. Cherry-Crest Farm will definitely contribute to making wonderful memories at the Adamstown Inns and Cottages.
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