Friday, September 11, 2009

Local Fairs

It's that time of year again when the temp-erature changes, the days become shorter, and every local town in the state of Pennsylvania has a local fair. Within minutes of the Adamstown Inns and Cottages there are a number of local fairs coming up in the month of September. Next Wednesday, September 15th, the Denver Fair will kick off with just the beginnings of the fair season that will continue through the month of September and into the fall. Though the Denver fair is smaller than some in our area, it offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some family events and of course the fair food. Following that fair on September 22nd running through the 26th the Ephrata fair will commence. On Wednesday September 22nd the Ephrata fair will begin with a parade which features many floats that highlight the local community as well as the entire county of Lancaster. During the Ephrata fair, Main Street in Ephrata shuts down and the games, rides, and food stands fill the streets.
If you can't make it to the Adamstown Inns and Cottages for these two fairs another fair within driving distance takes place in New Holland. The 78th annual New Holland Farmers Fair will begin on September 30th and run until October 3rd. This fair will also start on September 30th with a parade. Then on October 5th through the 9th the Manheim Community Farm show will provide another opportunity to experience the local fair atmosphere of fall favorites, throwing ping-pong balls in cups for gold fish, and of course the healthy fair cuisine. Fortunately the Adamstown Inns and Cottages provides a great headquarters for you to travel around to each local fair. I'm eagerly awaiting the... you guessed it, the food.
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