Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve celebrations

It's that time of year, or end of year, again when everyone township, borough, county, and city drops something to bring in the New Year.  Not far from the Adamstown Inns and Cottages a number of different communities are going to be dropping all kinds of things for their New Years Eve celebrations. 
In Kutztown, the Kutztown Bologna Co. has made an oversized, six foot long, 100lb. bologna that will be dropped at Ninth and Cumberland streets at midnight.  What will they do with all  that bologne you  may wonder.  Well after the giant bologna drops to ring in the New Year the bologna will be donated to Lebanon Rescue Mission and Agape Shelter.

Another New Year's Eve celebration will take place in Cleona, Lebanon County, with the dropping of a two foot wide, 10 pound, and about six inch high Pretzel from Shuey's Pretzels in Lebanon.  So far this is the biggest pretzel Shuey's has ever created and it is more than 100 times the size of a normal Shuey pretzel.  The giant pretzel is as large as the Shuey's oven will hold. The huge pretzel will be dropped from a tower at the Cleona fire station on New Year's Eve for the borough's 75th anniversary.

Throughout Lancaster County all kinds of items will fall from the sky for the New Years celebration.  In the city of Lancaster the New Year will be celebrated with an amazing display of fireworks.  From 5pm-Midnight Lancaster will be bustling with plenty of fun activities, over 100 different performers, and 20-25 different shops opening their doors to pass the time until the fireworks begin to usher in 2010.  In the town of Akron, only minutes South of the Inns and Cottages, a shoe will be dropped.  In Elizabethtown a M&M will fall, and in Reamstown a Barrell will drop from the local resturante and pub to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary.   
So whereever you will be spending New Years Eve, whether with us here at the Inns, or in your own local community, Happy New Year.
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