Monday, April 20, 2009


The EXTRAVAGANZA mayhem is only 3 short days away. The weekend of Antique shopping until you drop is quickly approaching. Tom and Wanda were out doing some reconnaissance last weekend at Shupps Grove and purchased a couple of great items. We are looking forward to another exciting weekend this April 23-26 when the Antique stores in the area explode with stuff. Most of the shops in the area will be open longer than usual as well as more dealers set up outside than ever before. I'm always amazed how the little town of Adamstown becomes a bustling Metropolis during the Extravaganza. I will have to remember to travel the back roads during that weekend to avoid all the traffic. We're are just about booked up for the weekend, but if you still need a place to stay and store all your goodies you're in luck. The Adamstown Inns & Cottage still has a room at our B&B,The Garnet, as well as at the Firefly Cottage if you and some shopping buddies are in need of a weekend of antiquing. We always enjoy the opportunity to hear lots of stories of our guests' shopping adventures and plenty of material to share with all of you on the blog. We anticipate another thrilling weekend meeting new friends and catching up with some of our old ones.
By: Ted

Friday, April 17, 2009

The thrill of the hunt

This is it...The beginning of the antique season.

Shupps Grove Antique Market's opening day is TODAY.

Shupp’s Grove is a favorite with many antiquers nationwide. It may have something to do with being "down on the farm" and "out in the woods", or perhaps it is because their dealers sell their own goods and have them priced to sell.

Shupps believes the social experience of collecting should be as pleasurable as any collection..Join us at Shupps for the romance of the woods, the thrill of the hunt, and the euphoria of the "big find"..

...while you sip a great cup of cappuccino!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sewing Party

Lancaster County has been a attraction to many tourists because of the Amish and how they conduct their lives. The Amish have such a basic way of living that people come from all over just to see how and why they live this way. One of the many things that we have learned from the Amish & Mennonite are their appreciation of textiles and making what they need themselves; such as clothes, shoes, furniture, quilts.....etc. We even have a whole museum devoted to quilts and textiles, the Quilt and Textile Museum

A few weeks ago at the Adamstown Inns & Cottages we had the privilege of hosting two down to earth women from New Jersey that just wanted to sew. They booked our Firefly cottage for 3 nights in March to do just that. They arrived on a Thursday afternoon with a car piled full of sewing machines, fabric, projects, and a bundle of ideas. As I helped them unload I asked if this was something they do quite often, and as a matter of fact they do. Each year a group of ladies get together and travel somewhere to sew, this year the group could not get together so the two of them set out on their own. And what better place to sew than Lancaster County.
While they were here they took breaks only to eat and visit some sewing shops for additional materials. They found some goodies at Burkholders Fabric located along Rt. 897and they also made their way to Sauder's Fabric located on Muddy Creek Rd in Denver.

All in all, I think they had a very productive weekend sewing and also dabbling in some sight seeing throughout Lancaster County. We hope to host many more activities such as these at the Adamstown Inns & Cottages. I personally prefer scrapbooking and cannot wait to have a bunch of scrappers fill my cottages so that I might join them.

Kristin, Innkeeper of the Adamstown Inns & Cottages

Friday, April 3, 2009

Flowers everywhere

Spring has sprung! 
And so the process begins. Wanda and Kristin attend the local
flower auction, in order to buy flats upon flats of flowers to adorn the grounds surrounding the Amethyst Inn, the cottages, and the Adamstown Inn. Every place you can think of we will put flowers. From the beds around the property, to the numerous hanging baskets, in an old tub we converted into a flower bed, all over the porches, you name it we plant a flower there. Although it does take quite a bit of work to do all the planting throughout the year, we really enjoy the feel of spring the varying types of flowers provide, and the beauty they add to our grounds. I will have to show you some pictures of the finished product once they are all planted, but there are many more flats of flowers yet to come.
By: Ted