Friday, May 29, 2009

More Bricks than we know what to do with

Last year we removed all the bricks from our parking lot in order to prepare renovations to our new bathroom we added to the Ruby suite. So for the past year we have put our minds to work brainstorming what we can do with all the bricks we extracted from the Amethyst Inn parking lot. Well, after not a whole lot of deliberation we began the process of creating wandering pathways throughout the properties.
A path leading to the Dragonfly Cottage and Firefly Cottage, one for Tom and Wanda's home, a path connecting Adamstown Vacation Home's yard to the cottages, and our newest pathway behind Amethyst Inn. That's a lot of bricks, you may say. Well there is plenty more where they came from and plans to add more brick walkways. So on the days that I'm not , planting, transplanting, or planting I will be digging paths and laying bricks.
As I mentioned, the newest pathway behind Amethyst Inn also provided us with the opportunity to place another bed in Amethyst's back yard. This gave Wanda the chance to buy various trees, shrubs, and flowers to place in the newest of our many gardens. Adding the brick walks to the grounds usually avails itself to creating new beds to be planted with the many flowers Wanda and Kristin love to buy at the flower auction in Terre Hill-Weaverland Auction. All the hard work pays off when you can enjoy the beauty of all the flowering plants and the warm summer breeze.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Nestled in Southern Lancaster County on a dairy farm, not far from the Inns, you will find some of the finest Handcrafted Farmstead Cheese. In Honeybrook, PA on the September Farm, the Rotelle family produces a variety of all natural cheeses. The Rotelle family is a fourth generation family in the food industry. Their farm produces some of the most delicious cheese you could ever hope to taste. The numerous types of cheese should attract any cheese lover. If you enjoy cheddar they have smoked, mild, medium sharp, extra sharp, and many more. Who knew you could have that many different kinds of cheddar cheese. They also provide some flavors that you may not find elsewhere, such as; Jumpin Jack Jalapeno, Honey Jack, Pepperoni Augusto Jack, Chives and Dill Jack... and the list goes on. I personally have sampled the Joy's Tomato Basil Jack as well as the Garlic Basil Jack and enjoyed them both.
Not only could you gorge yourself on cheese but at September Farms you have the opportunity to watch the whole cheese making process. Tom and Wanda actually visited the farm this past weekend and although they were a little late to watch the production of the cheese they did have the chance to wander about on the farm. So if you are looking for something to do that will be a lasting memory of Lancaster County, or in the mood for some good cheese I would definitely recommend September Farm when you visit with us at the Adamstown Inns & Cottages.

By: Ted

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Golfing Anyone

Tom Berman ,owner and head handyperson for the Adamstown Inns & Cottages, favorite past time is golf. Actually, as I write this, he is out golfing ... Any day that the sun may shine or even if it doesn't, Tom's main goal of the day is to be on a golf course, any golf course.

Tom has the great fortune of living in Adamstown where we are surrounded by at least 5 golf courses that are within a 15 minutes drive and several others that are within a 30 minute drive. Manor Golf course is where Tom plays at least once a week. They are actually running a special for Mothers Day where Mom's play FREE after 11am.

Galen Hall, just celebrated a grand re-opening showcasing there newly renovated restaurant. Galen Hall Golf Club is 10 minutes from the Adamstown Inns. This historic course features a 6271 yard par 72 course and is located in Wernersville, PA.

Chape Hill Golf Course course is just 3 minutes from from the Adamstown Inns & Cottages. Small ponds and creeks bring water into play on 11 holes, and a variety of both new and old trees work together to pinch many of the fairways. Although the course is friendly to most players, it isn't a pushover.

Foxchase Golf Club, located in Denver, PA opened in May 1991. This public course "provides a country club facility available to the public golfer." Foxchase appears to be wide open but looks can be deceiving. Out of bounds lurks on eleven holes, deep tall grass on fifteen holes and three huge ponds can effect your score on seven different holes as well. Foxchase is located about 5 minutes from the Adamstown Inns & Cottage.