Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What every father needs

Dad has worked hard this past year and what better way to say thanks than sending him out on the golf course. Why not reward dad with a quiet, peaceful, relaxing 18 holes of golf. What could be more fun than endeavoring to hit a tiny little ball onto a narrow path, only to seek to put it into a little cup that I can barely fit my hand in. The funny thing is I actually enjoy golfing and it only takes one great drive, or a perfect chip, or that rare birdie (....well that rare par for me) to keep me going back for more.

If dad enjoys the game as well than perhaps a round at Manor Golf Course will be a nice treat for him this Father's Day. This Sunday, all dads will receive a free hotdog and a small bucket of balls to warm up. If the round does not go as well as it "usually" does at least he can fill up on a good doggie and practice his long game.
Perhaps this Sunday will not suit your plans than have a look at Manor Golf Clubs "Family 9-n Dine" special will provide the entire family with some excitement playing the wonderful game of golf. The cost is only $8.50 per person, along with a hot dog and soda. So if you already have your special Father's Day event organized, you may want to consider participating in a family golf game. If you are in need of some helpful pointers about the course at Manor Golf Club, Tom would be more than happy to talk golf with you. He is a regular at Manor, as well as many other courses in the area, so just call or message me for the inside scoop on the course.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Family "Fun" Vacation

AHHHHH……The relaxing Family Vacation, driving all over creation in the company of screaming kids in 90ยบ heat with an agenda that contains more activities than hours in the day. So after rising before the sun and returning long after it sets you arrive home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. Let us ease some of that stress this summer by offering you our Family “Fun” Vacation. We will give you some great ideas of where to take the family so you don’t spend more hours driving aimlessly then enjoying the vacation. The Adamstown Inns & Cottages, situated in Northern Lancaster County, provides a central location to many of the areas best attractions such as; Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, Strasburg Railroad, Cherry Crest Farms, and the Hands on House. Stay in one of our cottages or vacation homes for five nights and the fifth night is FREE. Stay seven nights and receive TWO FREE nights. Can only stay 3 nights, not a problem we have some specials for you…..3 night stay during the week and receive 50% off one night, weekend receive 33% off one night. Not valid with any other offers, specials or during holidays. Please mention “Family Fun Vacation” when making your reservations.
Posted by: Kristin Rathman, Innkeeper at Adamstown Inns & Cottages.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day that will Live in Infamy

Not far from the Adamstown Inns and Cottages, in Reading, PA, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum World War II weekend kicks off in a few short days. On June 5, 6, and 7 folks from all over will gather at the Reading Airport to take a walk down history lane while also honoring the countless veterans who served in World War II. Each day of the 19th annual WWII weekend will provide plenty of opportunities to talk with vets, view various shows, and see all sorts of planes and vehicles.

For example, on June 5: Historic Doolittle
Raiders Drop in on Reading, Pa., in WWII B-25. Air shows will be held between 1pm-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The aircraft line-up includes dozens of World War II aircraft which will be on hand, along with over 1,300 WWII re-enactors and military vehicles to deliver the greatest WWII show anywhere. The WWII weekend also provides the exciting opportunity to fly in your choice of a half-dozen of WWII's most renowned and capable aircraft. Take your pick, strap in, and take off in a Kaydett, Texan, Cornell, Dauntless, Mitchell, or Flying Fortress.

Not only do you have the fortunate chance to view all this World War II history, but this weekend also affords you the opportunity to meet many veterans and special guests. Among this year's crop of distinguished special guests are three groups of veterans who served together in units that inspired famous movies. MAAM World War II weekend will have the honor of hosting eight members of Co E, 506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division, "Band of Brothers". Two of the legendary Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, whose story was told in "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo", and more recently, if less accurately, "Pearl Harbor", will be in attendance. Finally four members of the "Filthy Thirteen", the demolitions platoon of HQ / 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division whose story inspired the movie "The Dirty Dozen" will be here.

I hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of witnessing a lot of history all in one place. It will take all weekend just to see, hear, and take part in all of the things to do at this years Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's WWII weekend.