Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Contest

I've noticed recently that everyone seems to be an aspiring photographer.  From posting all kinds of pictures on facebook or blogs, even having friends do wedding pictures instead of hiring a photographer.  And why not, when you have a digital camera at your finger tips which allows you can take hundreds of pictures until you finally get that perfect shot.  Then, if that perfect shot is not quite so perfect you can simply go to your computer and correct the lighting until you have the look you desire, adjust the angle so that it is just right, and then crop out all those unwanted people.  So we thought, why not utilize the gifts and talents of our guests and capture some of those perfect shots by the burgueoning photographers out there.  That's why we initiated a photo contest here at the Inns.  I know many of you who stay with us capture some great pictures and we would love to share those magnificent pictures with the worldwide web and award you at the same time.         EXAMPLE PHOTO
We are looking for lots of pictures to choose from so we've included a number of categories such as; best winter scene or holiday festivities, or could capture Springs First Arrivals, some Amish farmlands, or the best photo of the many covered bridges in Lancaster County and the surrounding region.  We also would love to see your pictures of the Amethyst Inn, the Adamstown Inn, or the Cottages.  We're also looking for the Most Serene, Most Original, Most, Humorous, and Most Creative.  I hope we have provided plenty of options for all you photographers enjoy coming to Lancaster County and lodging with us at the Inns.  If your photo is chosen you will receive a $25 gift certificate to stay with us here at the Amethyst Inn
The contest will run until May 31, 2010, so start snapping those shots now. 
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