Friday, April 16, 2010

Antique Extravaganza Time

Every year when Antique Extra-
vaganza time rolls around here at the Inns I'm reminded why little quaint Adamstown, PA is the antiques captial of the United States.  Even to this day I'm still astounded by the fact that this small section of  Northern Lancaster County has become the place to travel for thousands of antiques and collectabiles.  Well, in just a couple short weeks many people will descend upon Adamstown for a long weekend of browsing, bartering, and buying.
From April 22nd through April 25th Antique Extravaganza will be taking place only minutes from the Adamstown Inns and Cottages.
At 25 plus locations, inside or outside, single owners and multi-dealer malls will offer you an enormous selection of antiques.  One of the reasons why you may want to plan your antique shopping excursion around and an Antique Extravaganza weekend pertains to the extended hours all the dealers remain open.  All of the stores participating in this extravaganza will have longer hours to allow people coming to town, for this special weekend, to visit every shop that they possibly can, if indeed it is possible.  It's always fun for us here at the Inns to see all the treasures brought back, and listen to all the stories about their history.  After hours upon hours of walking around all the shops, I'm glad we can offer you some time to relax and rejunevate at the Amethyst Inn, or if you are traveling with friends and family perhaps our Adamstown Vacation home and Dragonfly and Firefly cottages may be more restful.  We look forward to experiencing with you another eventful Antique Extravaganza weekend.   
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