Friday, April 23, 2010

Lancaster Pennsylvania Flavor Fest

Have you made any plans for Memorial Day weekend yet?
Are you tired of doing the same old thing every Memorial Day?  If these summarize how you are feeling as you think about Memorial Day, well, you are in luck.  I'm confident I can offer you something original and exciting all at the same time.  Sounds to good to be true, you're saying.  You may be right.  On May 29th and 30th, this Memorial Day weekend, you will have the opportunity to enter flavor country.  The good news is, flavor country is not that far from the Adamstown Inns and Cottages.  Mount Hope Estate & Winery, on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, will hold Pennsylvania Flavor Fest from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 29th and 30th of May.  The admission this festival of flavor is free, so is the are running out of reason why you should not attend this PA food frenzy.  Not only will have the chance to taste the wide variety of culinary offerings, but there will also be an array of wine, beer for you sampling enjoyment as well. 

While savoring the many choices at the Flavor Fest you can also enjoy cooking demos each day that spotlight chefs from regional and local restaurants, or attend workshops focusing on the culinary art of pairing beer and wine with a variety of meals as well as other topics presented by industry leaders.  If you feast upon something you particularly like you will also have the opportunity to buy many of the items provided by the local Pennsylvania-based specialty food vendors, wineries and beer distributors.
But what about the kids?  Good questions, this tastebud extravaganza welcomes kids as well.  Children will be encouraged to experience Pennsylvania’s culinary and artisan worlds in the Crafty Kids area with hands-on activities, demonstrations and cooking lessons that will dazzle their imaginations and fill their bellies all at the same time.
While you perusing the 35 acre estate, absorbing the sights and smells, the Flavor Fest will also feature a mixture of music performed by national and local musicians so that your ears to not become jealous of the other senses.  So, food, drink, music, shopping, tastebud explosion, sounds like a once in a lifetime Memorial Day weekend opportunity.  I will have the Cottages and Vacation home standing by.

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