Monday, May 3, 2010

Lancaster County's Antique District

Lancaster’s Spring Antique Extravaganza is over and we are still feeling the rush of excitement. Lancaster County’s Antique District has over 5,000 dealers within a 5 mile radius of Adamstown Inns & Cottages. The extravaganza has ended but it doesn’t mean all the antiques disappear. Adamstown Antique Extravaganza in April only begins the fun filled summer season throughout Lancaster County.

The extravaganza draws in people from all over the country: dealers, serious collectors, and those who just love to browse. One couple that cannot resist the lure of antiques is the Leonetti’s. Arthur and Stephanie have visited with us every November for the last 4 years to celebrate their anniversary. They are some of my favorite guests, so full of life and a joy to be around. I love to sit and talk with them about their Lancaster vacations and compare notes on great areas to shop. They, of course, browse all the Antique Shops when they visit.

They have grown quite fond of the Jade Room at the Amethyst Inn Bed and Breakfast. The first time they stayed Stephanie commented about how she loved the old perfume bottles on the pump organ in their room. On her next visit, she informed me that she went home and decorated her bedroom with some old perfume bottles she acquired during her antique searches. Stephanie also loves Wanda’s decanter set that adorns a table in our dining room, and since she has seen it she continues to hunt for one of her own.

During their annual stay this past November, the Leonettis and I were discussing the antique extravaganza weekends that take place here in Adamstown and the scores of people that flock to the area for these events. So this year, Stephanie and Arthur decided to see what all the talk was about. They returned for a visit this past weekend. They arrived Friday morning, and by the time they had checked in they had already visited Pine Hills, Shupp’s Grove and Green Dragon. Stephanie was very excited once I informed her that the outside stands open at 4 am. Arthur was not as excited and vetoed that idea. He simply informed Stephanie that it doesn’t matter what time you start, there will be plenty for you to buy. I tend to agree with Arthur: 4am is just too early, even for shopping. All in all, I believe they had a great time. They found a great deal on a rug, and exchanged information for pictures of other rugs from a dealer at Stoudt’s Antique Mall.

The Leonettis live near Red Bank, New Jersey which has some antique shops, but not nearly as many as Adamstown’s Antique Mecca. They believe they found better deals during the April extravaganza then they do in November, which is the off season for antiques.

I look forward to seeing the Leonetti’s soon. Maybe they will start visiting us twice a year instead of just once. We still have two more extravaganza’s coming up so don’t miss out. The Summer Extravaganza is June 24-27 and the Fall Extravaganza is September 23-26. Hope to see you here.

Kristin-Innkeeper Adamstown Inns & Cottages
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