Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Look at Art in Lancaster PA

A recent day trip to downtown Lancaster with a friend opened our eyes to the many interesting sites of the city. Downtown Lancaster not only has art galleries on many of its streets, but they also have shops that have an eclectic selection of items for sale that can satisfy many tastes. We only got to sample a few of the artistic elements that the city has to offer, but we sure did enjoy ourselves!  
Typically art is associated with an art museum such as the Philadelphia Art Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But when I think of art, I often perceive everything around me as being artistic in one form or another. Whether it is food, flowers, clothing, or an actual art museum; each one of these things appeals to my senses in one way or another. I have recently found that cities can be filled with hidden gems of art.
Our first stop was the Central Market, a large farmers market with regional foods. Each stand had a different character and fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, and pastries. My eyes enjoyed the bright colors of the vegetables and fresh flowers while my mouth got a chance to try Chevre goat cheese for the first time. If I had been going right home I would have bought some, but I don’t think it would have lasted in a warm car for hours!
After making our rounds through the market, we ventured into nearby stores because it was raining. The stores had a diverse range of items. Some pieces were really great, like a human size chess set, but wouldn’t have been practical to have around the house. The stores felt like art galleries because of the nontraditional pieces.
Soon we popped into Carmen and David’s Creamery and were surprised at the variety of flavors available to us. Grape Nuts, toasted coconut, molasses, and fluffer nutter were all surprisingly delicious! The funky d├ęcor of the ice cream shop and the creamy treat was a wonderful addition to our artistic adventure.

Our last stop was the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and Design. We were able to walk through the displays from this past years students. The more traditional museum feel was comfortable after wandering through artistic stores and galleries all afternoon.
After enjoying art all day, it only seems fitting to spend the night relaxing in a place just as artistic as the city you spent your day in. The Adamstown Inns & Cottages is the perfect getaway, just 25 minutes away, to relax in the evening. Built in the 1830’s the Victorian Painted Lady is an artistic creation that you will want to explore. It includes architectural elements such as a large carved front door and wooden corner blocks. Each room in the Amethyst inn is named after a different gemstone and decorated accordingly. There are also a myriad of antiques placed throughout the entire bed and breakfast.
Plan your artistic visit to Lancaster today and discover the many exhibits that await you! In addition to what we saw there are shows, mural trails, antiques, and factory tours. Lancaster County has it all; from the stores, to the farmers market, to the ice cream shop, and even to the lodging at Adamstown Inns & Cottages.
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