Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lancaster PA Renaissance Faire

With Summer coming to an end and school starting up, it marks the beginning of cooler days, the anticipation of autumn, the beginning of the PA Renaissance Faire, and perhaps the last chance to get away before schedules start to get hectic. Why not book a weekend stay at the Amethyst Inn (Adamstown, Pennsylvania) for a fun weekend away, or you could rent the Adamstown Vacation home for your entire family! Lancaster County, Pa is the place to be for fall fun!

The Renaissance Faire, in Western Lancaster County, is fun for everyone, and an experience that you won’t soon forget. When I think of the faire, I remember my friends dressing up in medieval garments, watching the mud wrestlers, gnawing on a turkey leg for dinner, and the anticipation throughout the day that led up to the final joust. While they still have many of the same activities, the events and themes are different every year, and sometimes even change with themed weekends.

The scenario this year is titled the “Thirty Year Love Affair”. It encompasses the celebration of the end of the Spanish Armada, the dawn of the Golden Age and the 30th birthday of the Good Shire of Mount Hope. The merriment and festivities will be abundant, as the anticipation of the Human Chess Match and the Ultimate Joust will prove who the Queen’s favorite is.

In addition to the shows and games, there will be demonstrations from merchants: glass blowing, woodcarving, and archery. You’ll also run into jesters and jugglers, and even parades of pirates! Make sure you attend some of the shows, the human chess match and the final joust, so that you stay up to date with the events of the day!

After visiting the medieval era, you’ll enter the Victorian era when you visit the Amethyst Inn and appreciate the decor and quiet setting. You’ll also be thankful to have your own private (and clean) bathroom and room in which to relax. The breakfasts won’t be as exotic as a turkey leg, but will be both delicious and filling! You won’t want to miss this season of the PA Renaissance Faire and remember that they are open on Labor Day too!
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