Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lancaster Pa Holiday Vacations

Have you ever thought about spending time at a bed breakfast during the holiday season? Most people don’t because they are consumed with shopping, baking cookies, and trying not to spend all their money. Now with October coming to a close, it means that the holiday season is just around the corner; even my grandmother has been pestering me about a Christmas list for awhile now! Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are busy times that are often focused around family gatherings. Ever thought of switching up the holiday routine and perhaps renting a luxury vacation rental for a few days? Adamstown Inns & Cottages, a Lancaster Pennsylvania bed and breakfast has the perfect accommodations for your family that should lessen your stress and help you to enjoy every one's company.

Perhaps you’re lucky and have an aunt who enjoys preparing for the holidays and makes 10 pounds of mashed potatoes and 10 different kinds of pies. Or maybe no one in your family was blessed with the homemaker gene, so you all draw straws to see who will get stuck hosting Thanksgiving each year. If you’re looking for a way out of preparing for house guests or don’t want to be stuck at your cousins who served beanie weanies for the main course one year, then perhaps your family needs a new holiday plan.

The Adamstown Vacation Home can comfortably sleep 12 guests and has a spacious living room and kitchen where everyone can help with the dinner prep. (Your cousin can even make her beanie weenies, but only as a side dish!) If you have a smaller family, or need more space you can expand into the Firefly and Dragonfly Cottages. You could even decide to have a progressive dinner and proceed to each house for a different course; how’s that for a new holiday plan? Oh, and if you just adore your family but really don’t want to spend so much time with them, rent a room at the Amethyst Inn, just up the street, for a romantic getaway.

Spending time at a luxury bed and breakfast, whether it’s on Christmas, or a week before or after should cut down on the holiday dress and even provide opportunities to family outings at Longwood Gardens or the National Christmas Center in Lancaster, Pa. If your family doesn’t like change, then keep in mind that you can have a family reunion any time of the year and Adamstown Inns & Cottages is anxiously preparing for your stay!
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