Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day in Strasburg, PA

My ideal vacation consists of staying in a central location to three different cities which offer lots of activities. Therefore, you can just imagine why I think Adamstown Inns & Cottages is the perfect getaway for an eventful weekend. Spending Friday night in Reading, Saturday in Strasburg, and Sunday in Adamstown provides the best combination of activities. I’m sure I don’t even need to mention how luxurious it is to stay in a Lancaster Pennsylvania bed and breakfast!

Someone recently mentioned they wanted to see Sight and Sound’s production of Joseph, in Lancaster County. They immediately got my attention because the show just opened March 19 (and runs through (October) and I’ve seen two other shows at the Millennium Theatre and loved them! It reminded me of my childhood adventures of spending a day in Strasburg with my family. Obviously I remember certain attractions more than others, but I encourage you to try and visit my favorite things to do in Strasburg!

The morning was usually spent at the Amish Village or the Strasburg railroad. History was never my first interest, so needless to say I enjoyed myself, but can’t remember specific details. I do know my brothers had a blast! For lunch we stopped a small Amish owned restaurant called Katie’s Kitchen for tasty sandwiches.

After lunch it was finally time to head to the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County. I’ve seen both Noah and David, so I can highly recommend Joseph. These musical productions will keep you amazed from beginning to end. From the live animals to the “flying” actors and even the intricate sets, not a detail is missed as you watch an inspiring story unfold all around you, literally! Ask your innkeepers for help in reserving tickets.

Dinner at the Fulton Steamboat was always a treat before we played a round of mini-golf at what is probably the most gorgeous course I’ve ever seen! The Village Greens has two golf courses to choose from, one even has 23 holes! My favorite part is a  “trick” hole that returns the ball behind you, which my family indefinitely took advantage of my naivety when I couldn’t find my ball. You’ll have to let me know if you come across any laughs there!

To wrap up such a wonderful day we stopped for ice cream at the Strasburg Creamery. Upon entering the store, the aroma of waffles fills the air and sends a smile to your face when you realize they are making fresh waffle cones! My mother loves this place because they always have teaberry (yes, that’s the ice cream that tastes like pepto-bismol!).

It may be surprising that we fit all of these attractions into one day, but that’s why a hearty breakfast and a good nights sleep is essential to an activity packed vacation. Of course you don’t need to follow this exact schedule, as you might want to relax in the gardens at the inn or enjoy a relaxing bath in a jacuzzi. Whichever you prefer, the Amethyst Inn is the luxury bed and breakfast of choice for a getaway! For a family vacation, the Dragonfly cottage or Adamstown Vacation home will be the perfect home base during your travels throughout Lancaster County Pennsylvania.
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