Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April: A Month of First In Lancaster County, PA

Many people use New Years to start something new or change a habit. But I think that with the blooming of flowers and the warmer days, we should make April a month of firsts! Why not start with spending a night at a bed and breakfast if you’ve never done that before. Adamstown Inns & Cottages has 6 luxurious rooms to choose from, and you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed staying  in a hotel before! You’ll get to start your day with a gourmet breakfast before venturing out to a mud sale, or browsing through antique stores. You could even make a game out of it by allowing a $30 limit to spend and see who ends up with the neatest, or weirdest item at the end of the day!

If you happen to be in town the first week of the month, then you’re all set to stop by First Friday in Downtown Lancaster. Focused primarily on the arts, you can visit galleries, theatres, and exhibits. This month features a quilting exhibit at the new Ware Center. On the other side of Adamstown, you can enjoy First Thursday on Penn Corridor or First Friday in Downtown Reading. Perhaps this might be your first block party, or your first time in a new restaurant! While you’re in Reading, take time to hike up Mt. Penn and take a tour of the Pagoda. It’s definitely a strange site to see here in the US, but it’s a great visit if you’ve never been to one!

And let’s not forget to mention that Lancaster County is known for its Amish heritage. So if you’ve never milked a cow, or toured a working farm, this is definitely the place to do so! And as you’re traveling through the countryside, why not get around just like everyone else, in a horse and buggy. Finally in Downtown Lancaster, take your first spin around town on a segway or eat your lunch at the Central Market. Don’t forget to stop by the creamery and try a new flavor of ice cream!

Start planning your adventure of firsts during April, and I bet you’ll fall in love with Lancaster County! Who knows, this could be the start of a wonderful tradition!
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