Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lancaster's Secrets and Murder Mysteries

Do you love going away on vacations, but despise the planning and organization that takes place to make it a successful trip? Hopefully with the activities in these blogs, you’ll have a fun trip to Lancaster County planned for your significant other, or your family, in no time!

The first option has all the legwork done for you, and even comes with coupons and great deals! Lancaster, PA is hosting their best kept secrets tour April 13-28. Similar to a home or garden tour, you’ll receive a list of 35 unique businesses that you can visit at your leisure. The exact locations are not released until you sign up and pay a small fee ($7 per ticket), but some of the places will include dairy farms, greenhouses, wineries, art galleries, Victorian mansions, and more.

The tickets are good for the entire time the tour is running, so you don’t need to squeeze everything into one day. You’ll be given tickets to be entered into drawings, as well as coupons to use at each location. Discovering the best places to visit just doesn’t get any easier than this!

How about an option with dinner and evening entertainment rolled into one? The dinner theatre at Mount Hope Estate & Winery is performing a murder mystery Friday and Saturday nights until April 21. Set in the year 1870, you’re invited to the grand opening of a train depot. While the celebration is in full swing, a murder is discovered upon the train, and someone aboard is the killer! Through an interactive adventure, you’ll help the cast uncover clues to solve this mystery.

Hosted by the same group of the PA Renaissance Faire, this is sure to be a great show! And your bellies will enjoy the meal too, as the entree reflects the theme of the show. Be sure to reserve your tickets soon, as the shows are selling out quickly.

And I’m sure the obvious choice for lodging during your stay is the Adamstown Inns & Cottages!
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