Monday, September 3, 2012

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is in full swing! Venture back to the Elizabethan Era and celebrate theatre with Queen Elizabeth and her acting company. You’ll discover that Shakespeare and his rival Christopher Marlowe are competing for the approval of the queen. With each of their artistic flairs, you’ll discover comedy, drama, and music throughout the entire celebration!

The faire is designed around a storyline that you can follow throughout the day.  You’ll begin by welcoming the Queen and her court with a royal fanfare. Don’t be surprised if Shakespeare is there, already trying to win the Queen’s approval. Then you’ll cheer on Marlowe and Shakespeare in a “friendly” human chess match. Towards the end of the day, the Ultimate Joust will determine the winner and then triumphal songs continue into the evening.

Amongst the main storyline, there are plenty of activities, entertainment, food, and shops to explore.  Entertainment ranges from fire eating to comedy, to mud wrestling and hypnotists. Plan your day by choosing the shows that you don’t want to miss! Some of the shows are recommended for adults only, but there are plenty of children’s shows too.

Make sure to try some scotch eggs and turkey legs, and don’t forget to visit the Swashbuckler’s Brewing Company. While you’re chomping down on your turkey leg, you’ll notice that there are plenty of timeless shops around the village. You can learn the art of leatherworking, sample some tea and herbs, and peruse the jewelry. Activities are around every corner too. There is a maze and treasure quest for the kids, while parents can watch demonstrations on glasswork and bees. There are simply too many activities and shows to describe the complexity and well-executed performances of the PA Ren Faire.

At the end of the day, you'll travel back to the future and reminisce about your time in the Elizabethan Era.  But you won't be in the future long before you come across the Victorian bed and Breakfast, the Amethyst Inn, where you can relax and recuperate for another day in Lancaster County.

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