Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Live Nativity in Lancaster County

This past weekend my daughter wanted to go to a Live Nativity that she heard about. An announcement came home from school and she was excited because one of her classmates was going to be an angel.  The nativity scene was going to take place on a farm close to Clay Township in Lancaster County.  I mentioned this to our one housekeeper, and she new exactly what I was talking about because her husband grew up on this farm.

This is my pretty brown-eyed daughter Ella

It was a rainy evening but we decided to go regardless.  It just help set the mood, because I'm pretty sure when Mary and Joseph needed a place to stay it was cold and snowy.  We entered the barn, the seating was on bales of hay and Ella just loved that.

We were treated with live music until the show started.

This was Gabriel the Angel.  The barn was a perfect setting for this live nativity creating a wonderful atomosphere for Ella and I.  This was our first Christmas event of the season.

It was neat what they did with the Shepard's and Wise Men.  After the narrator talked about them he told the audience that we could turn around and watch them walk up to the barn.  They walked really slow, and this is the best picture I could take.

Any who, here are the angels, our main reason for attending, what precious angels they are.

We had a lovely time, even with cold piggy's. Looking forward to many more Christmas activities.  The next one shall be my niece and nephews Christmas Concert at school.  Here is a picture of the whole gang which I took with Instagram, I love that app.  You can follow me at @circusbear34.

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