Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pennsylvania Farm Show

Happenings at the Pennsylvania Farm Show:

     Sunday afternoon was quiet and dreary and I had enough of being forced to stay at home!  So, I packed up my daughter and decided to show her what the Farm Show was all about.  Never mind the freezing rain falling or the fact that we had all just gotten over being sick, it was time to get out and do something fun.

Young or old, living on a farm or in a town home, animal lover or hater, there is a little of something for everyone.  I was going to enjoy deep fried mushrooms and Ella of course was going to look at all the animals.  My mother just wanted me to bring her home a baked potato.  

This cow was there because she had to be, but gave me a look as I snapped the picture that said, please I'm just a cow will everyone stop taking my picture.  Let me eat my food in peace.

The variety of cows they had were amazing, rows and rows of all different colors and sizes.  

These cows were so big, I mean huge, I have never seen a cow this big.  Sadly for them, the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to eat a juicy red steak.  I will never be a vegetarian, I love red meat too much.

My daughter loved it... so much to look at and so much to eat, she was in heaven.  Besides all the animals and food, they also had a vendor section where you could purchase anything you needed.  Clothes, jelly's and jams, toys, puzzles, books, purses, raffles galore, and much much more.  They also had a carousel fundraiser for Pennsylvania Farm Show Scholarship Foundation, it does very well.

This guy below was really cool.  They had two of them on leashes walking around.  They were so soft, given the dreary day outside I was ready to take one home with me and curl up next to him.  Anything made with Alpaca fur is expensive.  I would really love a blanket or slippers.  

This last picture was taken for my father who used to work for Ford New Holland.  I decided I should show at least a little interest in some equipment. 

The farm show happens every year the first week in Jan.  and every year we have bad weather.  These pictures only give a taste of what the farm show is about.  We did not have a chance to see an event in the big arena or get any pictures of the pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, millions of food stands and millions of people.  The rodeo goes on tomorrow night which is one of the main events.   

From the Adamstown Inns & Cottages it is about a 45 min drive.

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